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Top Gear USA: "RV Episode"
Filmed at Sycamore Lodge

Please note that the following article contains some spoilers about the show: If you haven't already seen the episode you can watch it [HERE].

Top Gear USA cast at Sycamore Lodge

The February 12th episode of Top Gear USA on the History Channel was about RVs, but not just your typical family RV. The three hosts--Rutledge Wood, Adam Ferrara, and Tanner Foust—took on a challenge to create their own motorhomes. In true Top Gear fashion, the motorhomes were one-of-a-kind and the challenges the hosts faced with their motorhomes, nothing short of hilarious.

The beginning of the show starts out with the explanation of the challenge. In a voiceover Foust reminds us that RVs are not cheap, and that's why the guys are making their own versions that are way more fun to drive.

Travel Resorts of America's very own Sycamore Lodge played host for the unveiling of the three original designs. Foust pulls up in the resort first in an aerodynamic 1983 Porsche boasting a silver rocket ship strapped to the top.

Ferrara's version of a motorhome is no more unoriginal than Foust's rocket Porsche. Enter, the Flatiron Building Buick. The actual Flatiron Building in New York City is just 10 blocks from Ferrara's home, but the motorhome version sits on top of a 1973 Buick convertible.

Last but not least comes Rutledge Wood driving a typical-looking Honda Civic wagon. He calls the low-key ride a “mini-Winnie,” but its simplicity means that the other two tease Wood about not being fun enough.

Then the race is on! The guys tear through Sycamore Lodge, completely disregarding the 5 MPH speed limit to make it to their campsite. Foust leads the way with a trail of smoke following him, and Ferrara finds out just how challenging it is to drive with a building on top of your car. Wood brings in the rear and once in his campsite, to the shock of the other two, opens up the wagon pulling it in half.

Setting up camp for Wood wasn't the quickest or simplest task and just as he was completing the job, Foust found out the hosts weren't sticking around at Sycamore Lodge. They hit the road Charlotte-bound in order to camp the Charlotte Motor Speedway infield during a NASCAR race.

All three hosts share some of the “features” of their homemade rides. Ferrara battles the wind with his structure, and Wood finds that having no exhaust on his Honda means it is loud and smelly.

Just minutes from Charlotte the guys make a pit stop in Concord to do a little drag racing. Not only are they battling each other, but the original rides have to face off against traditional motorhomes as well. Foust wins the race followed by Ferrara. Wood barely beats out the traditional motorhome he was up against because of a “bad start.”

The drag racing is not the only quality test for the guys' motorhomes. They make one more stop before Charlotte for the “hurricane test.” In this Top Gear test industrial fans blow water and debris in the direction of the motorhome while the hosts must get into their RV to change into provided rain apparel. This test was probably the funniest so far in the American Top Gear show.

Foust starts first and gives up the test after falling and face-planting on his Porsche. Next up, Ferrara takes shelter in his quite sturdy building and performs well on the test. Wood and his “mini-Winnie” don't win this one, and the poor guy found out he should've worn a belt after a wardrobe malfunction. After this test it's clear that Foust is in the lead.

Finally the hosts end up at Redneck Hill in Charlotte Motor Speedway. Now, they have to see who can attract the most visitors to their motorhome tailgate party. This test is a perfect one for Wood seeing as it is a NASCAR event. The NASCAR drivers even stop by to see what is going on.

The next morning brings a whole new test to the show when the guys race in a six lap winner-take-all event against each other and NASCAR drivers in typical RVs. Ferrara's Buick flips and Foust's Porsche engine gives up right before crossing the finish line. That means that Rutledge Wood and his Honda wagon “mini-Winnie” win the show.

To end it all Wood says, “It takes more than just strapping stupid crap to the top of your car to make a good RV.” Truer words have never been spoken.

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